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Heat Guns: The Ultimate Buying Guide

In this article, we'll like to give a detailed buyer's guide on heat guns. Heat guns are powerful tools that you can use for your all of your DIY applications. By the end of this article, you'll find which heat gun is the most useful for you.

Heat guns are versatile, reliable tools that can handle a myriad of tasks. For instance, heat guns can remove lead-based paint, shrinking film, and soften adhesives. It's a tool that provides a sufficient amount of heat in different fields such as:

  • Physics
  • Chemistry
  • Material Science

Heat Gun Features And Options To Look For When Buying One

Temperature Settings

Virtually every heat gun has some temperature control setting. This helps you safely work on other materials.

Heat guns, also known as a hot air gun, heat guns discharge heat at approximately 100-800° Celsius or 212° - 1472° Fahrenheit. Familiarizing with the heat requirements of your applications is important.

For 95% of the time, you'll want your heat gun to emit heat at 350°F. Unless you are doing industrial or intensive DIY work, this is the right setting for general usage. Complex applications that require a more advanced heat gun will need a temperature of at least 500° F.

Temperature setting on a heat gun.

Using a heat gun at the correct temperature for the situation at hand is important. If your temperature is too high, you could potentially burn or crack the materials being used. On the other hand, extremely low temperatures aren't sufficient. Make sure you find a heat gun whose temperature settings you can have complete control over.

The Heat Guns in this article are great because you can quickly adjust the temperature settings. This makes it easier for you to complete your projects faster and more efficiently. Check our review section to see which heat gun's temperature settings are the best for you.


When searching for a real heat gun, this is an important feature to consider. Wattage measures the amount of energy or power. The higher the wattage, the stronger the heat gun.

Wattage on a heat gun,

Get a heat gun with a wattage of 300 Watts if you need something basic. If you're planning on doing in-depth DIY projects, then a heat gun in between 450 Watts - 600 Watts is perfect for you. Check the wattage before buying your heat gun to ensure that it will work correctly.

Programmable Settings

Some high-end heat guns give you the ability to have programmable settings. These settings allow you to control your temperature settings easier and other operating variables. Make sure that your heat gun has programmable settings that are easy to utilize and control.

Nozzle Type

There is a multitude of nozzles that can be attached to your heat gun. They help by directing and moving the heat in an accurate manner.

Heat Gun Nozzles

Here is a table that explains each of the nozzle types you can get when you buy your first heat gun.

  • Fishtail Nozzle - Use this to spread your heat in a wide area.
  • Cone Nozzle - Used to reduce the output size for more concentrated heating.
  • Spoon Reflector - Helps with pipe soldering. Used to reflect heat in a small area.
  • Glass Protector - Stops your window glass from overheating throughout the adhesive or paint removal.
  • Flat Or Surface Nozzles - Extends or concentrates heat through making specific measurements.
  • Built In Scraper - Places heat on gun to create a simple one-hand operation for paint removing.

The Bottom Line

You need to get a quality heat gun to see results. Consumers make the mistake of buying cheaper brand heat guns. These guns are defective and can become dangerous if not used correctly. Check our review section to see which heat guns will give you the most value and purpose for your money

Buying Advice

Here is some helpful heat gun advice:

What Is The Best Heat Gun To Buy?

Shopping for you first heat gun is an extensive process. There's a myriad of variables that need to be considered before even making a purchase. That's why we created this section to help you find the beat heat gun for your needs.

Heat Gun Types

Heat guns come in a variety of shapes and sizes. Each of them is used for a specific task and require a careful hand when using them.

Industrial Heat Guns

These guns are more useful in commercial applications. This is because they provide enough air power to handle tougher tasks. Since they are more heavy-duty guns, they are more expensive in comparison to other products.

Industrial Heat Guns

Industrial heat guns are a standard in construction, retail packaging, and automotive fields. This is because they are sturdy enough to be used for a long period of time. In fact, they have enough power to reach temperatures up to 1,800°F.

You should look into an industrial heat gun if you're planning to do complex projects at home. Industrial guns have a die-cast housing and a ceramic heating to ensure that you complete your projects with the most proficiency.

Infrared Heat Guns

These guns are better for recreation or DIY use. They are called infrared guns because they use infrared heat instead of hot air to complete tasks.

Infrared heat guns reach temperatures up to 1,112°F. Use infrared heat guns if you want a safe heat gun that doesn't emit toxic fumes. Due to their economical cost, infrared heat guns are easy to obtain.

Safety Warnings

Some heat guns are limited to only one heat setting. Most guns that are made for stripping paint fit in this category. When getting your first heat gun, make sure to understand the heat requirement of the task you plan on using your heat gun for. This ensures that you'll have the right materials and complete the project within a respectable time frame.

Settings for Heat Gun Temperature

There are some heat guns that have two or more power settings. These guns have more airflow, making it easier to direct the heat wherever you desire. Get a gun with multiple power settings if you are planning to do multiple projects.

If you plan on using your heat gun for single use, then it's best to buy one with limited features. These are usually cheaper, but allow you to do simple soldering, paint removing, and other tasks that require lots of heat.

How Much Is A Heat Gun?

Heat gun prices range based on the quality of the gun. Most inexpensive brands tend to sell their heat guns at around $50. Expect to pay at least $100 or more if you need a heat gun with extra features.


Where Can I Buy A Heat Gun?

You can buy a heat gun on Amazon or at your local hardware store. They are easily accessible and come at an affordable price. Make sure you check the features of your heat gun before buying. This ensures that you'll get a heat gun that works the best for you.

Selecting The Best Heat Gun

That being said, we are ready to go onto our review. In this section, we'll discuss the best cheap heat guns in today's market. No matter which product you buy, you'll have a useful utensil that will help you during your projects.

Best Heat Gun For Electronics

In Our Opinion The Best Heatgun for Electronics:

Wagner Heat Gun

Technical Specs

  • 650°F Heat Gun
  • 360 Watts of Power
  • ​Affordable
  • ​Lightweight
Wagner Heat Gun Review


The Wagner Heat Gun is an affordable, yet versatile tool designed to outperform the competition. For instance, it comes with a single heat setting at 650°F. You should get this heat gun if you want the best heat gun to strip paint.

It's priced at $23, making it very inexpensive for the value it provides. It generates a maximum of 360 Watts of energy. Thus, giving it enough power to solder, remove paint, or roof repair.

Heat control is one thing that consumers value about this product. It's able to cool down and heat up at a faster rate than the competition. Get this gun if you need a heat gun whose heat settings are easy to control and manage.

Another thing shoppers liked was the gun's build quality. For example, the nozzle is made out of robust metal; which enhances its sturdiness. Since it's made out of premium materials, it's a heat gun that will last for a very long time.

Wagner Heat Gun Review

This heat gun is very lightweight; which is another thing we liked about the device. It weighs less than a pound and is easy to carry around the shop. Giving you a mobile and reliable heat gun for intensive soldering projects.

However, this device doesn't have a handle. This is a problem for situations where direct heat must be applied to a certain area.

Overall, we think that the Wagner Heat Gun is a great fit for beginners on a budget. The product offers a mixture of versatility and durability all in one small package. Purchase this gun if you want an affordable tool that delivers maximum performance.

Best Heat Gun Over $50

These are our best over $50 heatguns:

Winner - Master Appliance Heat Gun

Technical Specs

  • Easy to Replace
  • High-Speed Motor
  • Rugged Cast Aluminum
  • 400 Watts
  • Heat Power up to 1000°
Master Apliance Review


The Master Appliance Heat Gun is made for high performance. It's an industrial quality heat gun that has a fast motor which helps it deliver heat in a faster and more efficient manner. Check this heat gun if you want the best heat gun for shrink tubing.

This heat gun can be used for a variety of DIY projects and paint removal. For instance, it has enough power to spread out epoxy and bending strips of wood with ease. Making it a great choice for those wanting a useful heat gun that performs well during practice uses.

Shoppers like the product's heat output. It comes with three different sizes marked at 500°, 750°, and 1000°. We suggest getting the 500°F for simple projects and 1000°F. We suggest figuring out what size is right for you before buying.

Master Appliance Master HG Series Heat Gun Review

Also, the gun has an integrated rubber back base which allows for a stable 90° rotation and hands-free use. This gives you full control over where the heat is directed and makes it easier for you to adjust the heat gun to your desired position.

Plus, consumers find this heat gun sturdy enough to handle commercial applications. It's tough metal covering allows it to transfer and absorb heat without causing damage to its internal parts. On average, the Master Appliance Heat Gun takes users 10 years of use before seeking replacements.

But, you'll want to watch out for the awkward heat control settings. Consumers had to continuously keep their gun in the right spot for heat to emit. The heat adjustment is unable to lock and tighten fully, making it rather hard to control for beginners.

Still, we believe that the Master Appliance Heat Gun is perfect for people wanting a fully operational, versatile, and functional heat gun. Since it's priced at a low $93, you won't break the budget buying this machine. Buy it if you want a heat gun that delivers industrial level results each time that you use it.

Runner-Up - De-Walt Heat Gun

Technical Specs

  • Overload Protection
  • Adjustable and Varied Temperature Range
  • Medium Price
Dewalt Heat Gun


Sometimes we need a reliable heat gun in our garage that's able to do a multitude of jobs. This tool can be used for recreational or commercial use due to its easily adjustable heat settings. Thus, making it a great gun for general soldering, and paint removing purposes.

The Dewalt Heat Gun features an overload protection system. When the temperature is too high, the machine quickly turns off to prevent any extra damage from occurring. You'll like this product if you want something that's completely safe and operational to use.

Most shoppers want a heat gun that's stable enough not to tip over when in use. This gun comes with a kickstand that keeps it locked in position. Making it easier for you to direct your heat at the desired location and helping you complete your projects faster than usual.

Dewalt Heat Gun

It has a variable heat setting that ranges from 120° to 1100° Fahrenheit. The device is powered by a temperature control knob placed behind the unit. Since it's easy to toggle and switch from each setting, it gives the user complete authority and control over the device.

Additionally, it has an ergonomic grip placed on the handle of the machine. This helps keep your hand comfortable and steady when applying heat on certain materials. Making it an easy-grip power tool that the user has full control over.

Consumers across the board had a few issues with the device. After 2 years of use, the product starts to lose its quality. Fortunately, DEWALT has a 3-year warranty that can be used if you experience any problems with this heat gun.

Priced at $63, it's a great mid-range heat gun. It's fast, reliable, and has enough heating power to handle the most in-depth projects. Buy this product if you want the best heat gun for paint removal.

Best Heat Gun Under $50

Our best heatguns under $50:

Winner: Black & Decker Dual Temperature Heat Gun

Technical Specs

  • 2 Temperature Settings
  • Lightweight
  • Easy Cool Down
  • Economical Price
Black & Decker HG1300 Full View Review


The Black & Decker Dual Temperature Heat Gun has a lot of redeeming features. For example, the gun has 2 temperature settings (750°F and 1000°F). It puts out heat fast, making it a heat gun worth its price.

Speaking of price, the gun has is about $29. It's affordable, yet has a multitude of features and properties that exceed the price. Get this gun if you're on a budget and need a useful heat gun to complete your DIY projects.

Here is a list of tasks this device is used for:

Paint Drying: This gun high heat setting comes in handy when you need to dry up paint.

Shrink Wrapping: While you could use a hair dryer for this task, this gun will complete it faster and more efficiently.

Softens Adhesives: The Black & Decker gun is perfect for removing stickers from your old bumper stickers or your windshield. Heat the sticker with the gun and watch it come off almost instantly.

Black & Decker HG1300 Paint Review

Paint Stripping: We suggest using this heat gun to remove paint waste without the use of toxic chemicals. It's powerful enough to remove 8 layers of paint from a wall with ease.

Consumers like this device because it's mobile. It weighs less than 2 pounds making it easy to control and handle. In fact, it's compact design increases the user's handling when removing paint. Try this product out If you're new to using heat guns and need something that's simple to use.

This heat gun is compatible with a lot of nozzle attachments. Start by removing the collar of the heat gun. After that, place the desired nozzle attachment that's required for the project. This is great because it allows you to work on various projects without the need of buying an extra heat gun.

There is one flaw associated with the product. After 2 months of usage, smoke will come out from the side vents. Make sure to thoroughly clean and maintain the heat gun in order to prevent this situation from happening.

For its price, the Black & Decker Heat Gun is a valuable tool to have in your home. It has a variety of nozzles to choose from and is easy to transport around due to its size. You'll like this product if you want the best heat gun for paint removal.

Runner-Up: Kawasaki Heat Gun

Technical Specs

  • 12.5 amp heater
  • User controlled temperature settings
  • Dual speed power setting
  • Affordable
  • Extra Nozzles Included
 Kawasaki Heat Gun


Last on our list is the Kawasaki Heat Gun. It consists of 10 extra nozzles which can be used for paint stripping, soldering, and other projects that require heat. This gun is versatile and should be considered if you need to handle a multitude of tasks in an efficient manner.

The motor is one of the main features of the device. It's powerful enough to emit heat up to 600°F within a short time span. Due to its motor, users can remove paint at a faster rate than competing devices.

In addition, the Kawasaki Heat Gun has a dual-speed temperature setting. There is both a ‘high' and ‘low' mode that the user can quickly toggle through. It has a 3-position switch that triggers the settings from: high, off, and low.

The high setting has a fast fan speed and temperature; which can be used for intense applications. Its low setting has a lower speed and heat temperature and should be used for basic projects. Check out this heat gun if you need a machine with a user-controlled temperature setting.

When it comes to accessories, this heat gun has a lot of them. For example, the Kawasaki Heat Gun comes with a carrying case which helps users store their gun after usage. The product has enough accessories to aid the user and speeds up the time it takes to complete DIY and commercial heating projects.

The heat gun is not recommended for long-term usage. Shoppers complained about the lack of an overheat protection feature. Safely use this heat gun and make sure it doesn't overheat to keep it working properly.

We like the Kawasaki Heat Gun because it's the best heat gun to remove paint. It's dual temperature settings is easy to toggle and can be used for various tasks. Try this product out if you need a tool with a lot of accessories to assist you in almost every DIY situation.


To conclude, we believe that the Master Appliance Heat Gun. It has the most power and features out of the other heat guns on this list. Also, it's durable enough to deliver professional results without losing its quality. Ultimately, you should purchase this heat gun if you want the maximum performance for all of your DIY projects.

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