Black & Decker Heat Gun Review

Black & Decker Heat Gun Review

In this quick review, we’ll review the Black & Decker Heat Gun. We’ll go in depth on the pros and cons associated with this device. You’ll know if this heat gun is the right one for you by the end of this article.

All of the information presented comes from a variety of verified sources. Our goal is to help you get a heat gun that’s useful for you. Check out our buying guide if you need any other advice before making your first purchase.

About The Black & Decker Heat Gun


  • Temperature Settings: 750°-1000°F
  • Affordable
  • ​Ergonomic Grip
  • Lightweight
  • Variable Heat Control
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The Black & Decker Heat Gun is one of the best heat guns in the market. It’s designed to handle almost any amount of work in your workplace or home. If you want a tool that’s high in horsepower, the Black & Decker Heat Gun is the right choice.

One thing that sets this product apart from the competition is its variable control. That means one thing: You have the authority to adjust the temperature setting to the required level it takes to complete the project. This heat gun is proven to help you spend less time on projects.

This is a great advantage for the buyer. This is because the temperature readings are easy to read and control and is calibrated to the device. At the lowest level, it ranges from 100° - 750°. On its max settings, it will reach up to 750° to 1000°.

The heat gun feels great and is easy to utilize. For instance, it features an ergonomic grip that makes it easy for you comfortably hold the gun. It has enough grip and doesn’t slide or slip out of your hand.

Another advantage lies in the product’s nozzle options. Remove the black collar of your heat gun and place another nozzle attachment on the machine. This is useful because it gives you the chance to work on different projects without spending extra money for another heat gun.

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You can use the Black & Decker Heat Gun for a multitude of uses. It’s versatile enough to be used for paint stripping, soldering, and softening adhesives. Get this product if you need an effective tool to complete your DIY or professional tasks.

Shoppers across the board complained about the heat gun’s tendency to overheat. We suggest you move the heat gun in a slow circular motion to prevent the chances of it overheating.

For the low price of $25, you can obtain this heat gun. That’s an affordable price in comparison to competing machines. You’ll like this heat gun if you want something that’s budget friendly and effective at the same time.

The Black & Decker heat gun has enough power to complete commercial level heating projects. In addition, it’s nozzle, and temperature settings are easy to adjust. If you want the best variable heat gun on the market, then look no further.

Buying Advice

So what should you look out for?

What Type Of Heat Gun Should I Get?

If you are planning to use a heat gun for professional usage, then you should get an industrial heat gun. It has enough power to reach temperatures up to 1800°. While they are more expensive, they are durable and last for a long time.

For beginners, we suggest getting an electronic or infrared heat gun. These guns are cheap and are less likely to cause on fire. The Black & Decker Heat Gun is a corded electric gun; making it a good entry level heat gun for DIY projects and removing paint.


Remember, the price is not the final factor in buying a heat gun. But it is a good sign of how valuable the heat gun is. Good heat guns are priced at around $30. Higher end models will cost you about $90-$2000.

Don’t waste your money on low-quality heat guns. Most of their materials are manufactured in China and are more likely to experience problems. Buy your heat gun from a reputable heat gun manufacturers to ensure that it will work efficiently.

The Black and Decker costs $25. While it’s inexpensive, it’s features and performance exceed its already affordable price. If you’re on a budget, then this heat gun is perfect for you.


You’ll want a heat gun that can last for a long period of time. On average, heat guns last for about 3 years before needing replacement. Higher end models have enough durability to last for up to 5 years.

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When looking for a durable heat gun, inspect its materials and instruction guide first. This lets you know how the gun will operate when used. If the heat gun looks faulty, chances are it’s not durable enough to last for the long term.

Heat Gun Checklist

We suggest making a heat gun checklist when shopping for a heat gun. The list will detail certain features and settings you need before getting a heat gun.

Here are a few things to add to your heat gun checklist:

The nozzle and trigger handle shape should be proportional and comfortably sized for the user.

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An adequate amount of power source must be available in your work area

The heat gun should be at an acceptable weight. Anything that’s too heavy might cause operational problems for the user.


We believe that the Black & Decker Heat Gun is one of the best variable temperature setting heat guns in the market. It’s easy to use and has enough power to handle professional level soldering, paint removal, and softening adhesives.

This heat gun is perfect if you’re looking for your first one. It combines a mixture of durability and versatility to make an outstanding heat gun. Ultimately, The Black & Decker Heat Gun will enhance your overall performance within minutes of using it.

We would like to hear your experience with the Black & Decker Heat Gun.

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