Dewalt Mid-Range Heat Gun Review

Dewalt Mid-Range Heat Gun Review

Heat guns have gained lots of recognition in today's modern age. It has enough power to complete projects without fail, and aren't too expensive to own. That's why it's important to invest in a heat gun that will work the best for you.

This individual review will focus on the Dewalt Heat Gun. It's a small, yet powerful piece of heating equipment. We'll go in-depth on the pros and cons associated with this device. You'll have enough confidence and knowledge to buy a heat gun by the end of this article.

The information presented in this article is from a multitude of verified sources. Our main purpose is to help you find a useful heat gun to assist you on your projects. Read our review to see if the Dewalt Heat Gun is a right fit for you.

About The Dewalt Heat Gun

Technical Specs

  • Ergonomic Hand Grip
  • Compact Design
  • ​Easy to Use
  • Affordable
  • Heat Settings up to 1000°F
Dewalt Heat Gun


The Dewalt Heat Gun is a power tool that's worth buying. For instance, it's easy to use and has enough features to handle even the toughest projects. You'll like this heat gun if you want something that's functional and works correctly each time it's in use.

This heat gun has a large temperature range. The device has variable heat settings that range between 120° and 1000°F. For users wanting a gun that provides them full control over the heat; this is the right gun for you.

Another thing that sets this gun apart from the competition is its compact size. It weighs less than 3 pounds, making it easier for users to maneuver around with the device. As a result, users find this lightweight gun safe and more efficient than guns that are 3 times its size.

Dewalt Heat Gun

If safety is your main concern, then look no further. This device consists of built-in overload protection. It prevents heat from building up and shuts down when it's about to overheat. The heat gun is safe, and its feature are designed to prevent any unwanted accidents from occurring.

Dewalt designs their tools to be comfortable for the user to use. And this heat gun is no different. It has a rubber grip on the handle of the machine which is useful when working for long hours. The devices ergonomic grip makes it easier for the user to hold onto and complete the hardest of projects.

But, there is one flaw associated with this device. Consumers reported that the heat output wasn't as efficient as expected. Make sure to properly inspect, maintain, and repair your heat gun to prevent its heating efficiency from dropping.

This heat gun is priced at around $63. It's a mid-grade heat gun that offers a lot of utility. In fact, it's performance helps users complete projects such as paint stripping, shrink wrapping, and desoldering. The heat gun is sold at an affordable price making it an excellent tool to have in your possession.

Buying Advice

What to look out for:

Heat Gun Types

There are a multitude of heat gun devices out there in today's market. The most common ones are electronic, gas, infrared, and industrial heat guns.

Electronic heat guns are the most popular out of the three. They use up watts to use and provide heat at around 400°F to 800°F. Electric heat guns are safe to use, and we suggest trying them if you need to complete a simple project.

Gas heat guns use either butane or a fuel cell to work properly. Smaller gas heat guns are used for emergencies and occasional usage.

Larger heat guns are used for welding where a high-temperature setting is needed.

Infrared guns are great mid-range heat guns. They emit an infrared beam at the target, causing it to heat up to at least 1,112°F. You should look into an infrared gun if you want an all-purpose heat gun that's effective and efficient.

Industrialized heat guns are the most expensive, yet most powerful guns. For instance, these devices can reach up to 1800°F in one setting. If you're trying to achieve professional results, then we suggest getting an industrial heat gun.

How Do I Choose The Right Heat Gun Model?

The most important aspect of buying a heat gun is understanding how it's going to be used. Every project require a various amount of temperature settings; you need to find out which tasks you plan on doing with your heat gun. This ensures that you'll find a heat gun that's in the correct temperature range.

Dewalt Heat Gun

Most of the time, general household projects will require low temperature settings. Construction, welding, paint stripping, and other high-end projects will require a heat gun with high-temperature settings.

We suggest getting a variable temperature heat gun if you plan on doing multiple projects whose heat settings are completely different than the other. These guns are easy to use and are versatile enough to fit a wide range of projects.

Where Can I Buy A Heat Gun?

You can either buy heat guns on Amazon or at your local hardware shop. Before buying, we suggest that you take the time to research the product you're planning on using thoroughly. This ensures that you'll have the best heat gun to help you complete your DIY or professional project.


The Dewalt Heat Gun is an excellent mid-range heat gun. It has enough heating power to handle at home projects, while also being robust enough to be used for commercial applications. The price is affordable, making it a great choice if you're on a budget and are in need of a high performing heat gun.

You need a heat gun whose features work the best for you. This heat gun comes with a myriad of features (overheat protection, temperature control, and comfortable grip) to help you complete your projects with more proficiency and accurate. Thus, you need to buy this heat gun now if you're serious about improving the final results of your projects.

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