Best Kawasaki Heat Gun Review.

Best Kawasaki Heat Gun Review

Your heat gun is an essential tool to have. It has enough heating power to remove paint and other unwanted materials with ease. That's why it's important to consider getting a heat gun to help you complete your DIY or commercial projects.

In this short post, we'll invite you to look at the Kawasaki Heat Gun. It's a versatile electric heat gun that's used for both industrial and recreational purposes. Read more to see how this heat gun can be used to your advantage.

We'll thoroughly look at the pros and cons associated with the device. This will help you see if the gun is right for your or not. By the end of the article, you'll have enough information to purchase your first heat gun confidently.

About The Kawasaki Heat Gun


  • Dual Temperature Settings
  • Different Heat Nozzle Attachments (reduction jet, wide jet, 3 scraper heads, heat gun cradle)
  • ​12.5 Amps
  • Adjustable Speed Settings
Kawasaki Heat Gun


The Kawasaki Heat Gun comes pre-built with ten different nozzles. Each of the nozzles is easy to use and are easily exchanged for another one. You'll find this heat gun useful because it gives users the ability to change their nozzles to handle the certain task at hand.

One feature that consumers liked is the dual speed settings. Located on the heat gun is a 3-position switch. Users can easily toggle their heat settings from ‘high,' ‘low,' and off. The speed settings help the user have control over the heat output which helps them finish their projects more efficiently.

Another feature that's worth noticing is its built-in kickstand. The kickstand allows hands-free operation; making it easier for users to work on complex projects. You should try this heat gun if you like having accessories that will help you throughout your DIY projects.

The price is affordable in comparison to other products. Right now it's priced at $27. While it's a bit cheap, the heat gun's performance exceeds the price value. It's a great budget heat gun and is useful enough to handle basic tasks.

Kawasaki Heat Gun set

Plus, the heat gun is loved by shoppers because of its powerful heat setting. The gun has enough horsepower to emit heat up to 600°F. This is great because it provides enough heat to safely complete your DIY tasks and leave a professional result each time.

Consumers across the board voiced their concern for the product's tendency to cause smoke. This can be dangerous and can lead to malfunction if not treated properly. We suggest using this heat gun for short-term projects only.

Overall, we think the Kawasaki Heat Gun is an excellent tool that's packed with a multitude of accessories. It has a satisfactory heat power level that helps the user direct the hot air safely and effectively. Get this product if you want something durable and reliable enough to help you with paint stripping, shrink wrapping, and other projects that require a quality heat gun.

Buying Advice

In this section, we want to help you throughout your buying process. Read more to know certain things you should look out for before buying your first heat gun.

Advantages Of Buying A Heat Gun

It's important to know the benefits a heat gun can provide. Here are a few noticeable benefits you'll experience when you get your first heat gun.

Most heat guns come with a rubber grip which helps keeps your hand steady when working for long hours.

Adjustable heat is a valued feature. You'll be able to work with a wide array of heats which helps when completing different DIY tasks.

Kawasaki Heat Gun  box

Heat Guns are user-friendly. You just need to practice safety techniques and proper positioning to use it properly.

A real heat gun provides the opportunity to enjoy your job.

Heat guns can apply heat to machines very fast. Making it an efficient tool for projects that require lots of heat transferring.

Temperature Settings

This is the most important feature as it determines the general performance of your heat gun. On average, heat guns emit heat from 400° to 1000°F. More expensive models have enough power to go up to 1800°F.

If possible, try to get a heat gun with variable heat control. For instance, the Kawasaki Heat Gun has two adjustable speeds which can be toggled depending on the intensity of the project. Because of this, it's a great gun because it gives you complete control over its heat output.

Types Of Heat Gun Nozzles

Some of the best heat gun accessories allow you to change the size and shape of the nozzle. This is useful because different projects require heat to be directed in a specific way. Read below to understand the common types of heat gun nozzles.

Nozzle Type


Glass Protector

Used to prevent window glass from damaging or overheating. This nozzle should be used when doing projects that require paint stripping.

Cone Nozzle

Reduces the amount of heat directed on an object. Use this for situations that require a concentrated amount of heat.

Spoon Reflector

Used for pipe soldering and reflects heat in a small area.

Fishtail Nozzle

Creates a wide distribution of heat.

Surface Nozzles

Emits heat via specific measurements.

The Kawasaki Heat Gun comes with all of these nozzles. This makes it a versatile heat gun with enough power to complete almost any project. Give this product a look if you don’t want to spend extra on heat gun accessories.


To conclude, we believe that the Kawasaki Heat Gun is a valuable tool to have in your garage. It has multiple nozzle attachments; which are utilized for different sets of projects. You should give this product a look if you want to maximize your performance and accuracy when using it.

It’s used for a multitude of applications. Whether you need to strip paint, solder materials, thaw out ice, or any other scenario that requires heat, this heat gun is the right buy for you.

Ultimately, give this gun a look if you’re planning on increasing the success rate and efficienc

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