Wagner Power Heat Gun Review

Wagner Power Heat Gun Review

In this short review, we’ll talk briefly on the Wagner Heat Gun. It’s a short, cordless heat gun whose horsepower is robust enough to handle most DIY projects. Our main goal is to teach you how this gun is valuable and how it can help you during your heating efforts.

Throughout the article, we will speak on the pros and cons associated with the product. After that, we’ll go into the buyer’s advice section to provide extra information. By the end of this article, you’ll have to decide whether or not this heat gun is good for you.

About The Wagner Heat Gun

The Wagner Heat Gun is a great heat gun for simple everyday usage. It has only one temperature setting at 650°F making it a useful for single-use projects. You’ll like this heat gun if you need something that’s easy to use and is effective.

Consumers like the product’s affordable price. It’s priced at a low $17, making it one of the best cheap heat guns in the market. Give this product a look if you’re on a budget and need a quick heat gun.

For shrink wrapping projects, this gun is very effective. Simply place the shrink material on top of the desired object. After that, turn on the heat gun and watch the shrink material take the shape of the object. Thus, it’s a great heat gun for those needing to complete almost any shrink wrapping project.

Wagner Heat Gun Review

One thing that sets this product apart from the competition is its power setting. It’s able to deliver up to 360 watts of power during its use. This means that it’s a powerful electric heat gun that’s strong enough to complete almost any DIY project.

We also like this heat gun’s versatility. It can be used for various projects such as shrink wrap, embossing powders, and appliqué. While it has only one setting, it’s 650°F of heat is substantial enough to finish most applications.

Shoppers like the heat gun due to its build quality. Most cheap heat guns tend to use plastic as a nozzle. This can be dangerous and can result in a fire. The Wager Heat Gun is made out of metal making it durable enough to withstand high-temperature heat without any issue.

But, this gun lacks a few important features. For instance, it doesn’t have a handle to assist the user in the direction of the heat. While this is a basic heat gun, the lack of a handle can prove to be a problem to some.

Still, it’s one of the best inexpensive heat guns in the market. The gun has enough power to handle 90% of your DIY projects and for simple commercial projects. Consumers who need an entry-level, reliable heat gun should consider the Wagner Heat Gun while they are out shopping.

Buying Advice

We suggest reading this section if you need more information before buying a heat gun. We’ve created this section to fill in any gaps that we might have left off in the review. Read more to find the best buying advice to help you buy your first heat gun.

Heat Gun Safety Tips

Knowing how to use your heat gun is only half the battle. Beginners tend to make mistakes during their first time using a heat gun. That’s why you need to know how to use your heat gun safely to prevent any injuries or burns from occurring.

Here are a few tips of advice you should consider when using your heat gun:

Get a fire extinguisher. There are some occasions where a fire might accidentally happen. Keep your fire extinguisher in your workspace to prevent unnecessary burns and injuries.

Wagner Heat Gun Review

You need to get the right gear when using a heat gun. If you’re a professional, you need to wear the right protective clothing and avoid wearing loose clothes.

When working with paint, wear a respiratory mask. Most paint stripping projects release harmful fumes that can be deadly if inhaled. Using a respiratory mask prevents toxins from entering and causing bodily harm.

Make sure to read the instruction manual before using your heat gun. The instruction manual tells you the temperature settings needed to perform specific tasks. If you don’t know what temperature is needed, start at a low level and increase the temperature if needed.

You also want to work in areas that are properly ventilated. Gases and fumes can infect the room and are very dangerous if inhaled.

Heat Gun Options & Features

Heat guns come with an expansive range of features. The table below describes the most common features a heat gun might have:


Intended Use/Details

Dual Heat Settings

Heat guns that offer two heat settings

Digital Readout

Continual and accurate digital measurements of the gun’s heat output.


Provides hanging storage.


Unit of the heat gun’s power. Ranges from 300-2000 Watts

Programmable Settings

Let’s the user control the heat gun’s temperature and other settings.

Surface stand

Provides a safe place for your heat gun to rest when not in use. Also good for hands-free operations.

Keep these features in mind when researching for your first heat gun. Cheaper models will have limited features while industrial heat guns will have a multitude of these features. See which features you need the most and buy a heat gun whose features match your expectations.

Heat Gun Power

Understand that each heat gun has specified temperature settings. Industrial heat guns have enough power to go up to 1800°F. Cheaper heat guns have power that ranges from 750° to 1000°F.

The Wagner Heat Gun has enough heating power to release 650°F. This is useful for the majority of DIY projects that you’ll do. However, you might need an extra heat gun if you’re planning on doing some complex and industrial work.


You need a heat gun that’s efficient and delivers great results every time. The Wagner Heat Gun provides that and is easy to use for general purpose welding. People who are looking for an affordable, yet proficient heat gun should buy this product.

This heat gun is versatile and can be used for almost anything. In conclusion, get this heat gun if you want to see a noticeable improvement on your projects, and make the paint stripping process easier.

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